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“Provide educational opportunities in music and the arts without age limitations, allowing everyone to explore themselves and pursue their dreams towards a professional career.”

“Sing, compose music, you can do it yourself.”

Create learning opportunities.

Ramkhamhaeng University is a market-oriented university with a crucial mission of promoting equal access to education for all. The Faculty of Fine Arts plays a significant role in providing opportunities for anyone with a passion for music, singing, and dance to learn, discover themselves, and develop skills without limitations related to gender, age, abilities, or prior knowledge. This is to harness the power of art to create value for oneself and others.

In addition to undergraduate degree programs, the faculty also allows the general public to register for individual courses of their interest, fostering a community of lifelong learners of all ages. Credit transfer of both formal and experiential knowledge is promoted, enabling individuals with experience and expertise to access undergraduate qualifications.

Miss Orn-anong Engchamni
Dean of the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts

Our curriculum

Our programs focus on producing graduates with desired attributes according to the standards of undergraduate programs. The curriculum defines the learning outcomes that graduates can apply in their professions. There are a total of 2 programs, including the International Music program and the Music and Performing Arts program (Thai Music Major and Thai Performing Arts Major).

Music Program

Learn various music styles in the International Music program, such as pop, rock, blues, country, hip-hop, R&B, soul, funky, jazz, and Latin. You have the option to choose from two groups of courses, including music performance and songwriting courses.

The Music and Performing Arts program, Thai Music Major.

Join in preserving the cultural heritage, conserving Thai traditions, and gaining a deep understanding of Thai music. A clear framework leads to proper and meaningful progression.

The Music and Performing Arts program, Thai Performing Arts Major.

Learn Thai performing arts in both theory and practice from various angles, covering fundamental Thai performing arts, standard traditional dance, solo dance, duet dance, village-based Thai performing arts. Additionally, study the processes of incorporating electronic media and various innovations in presenting creative works in Thai performing arts.

Our activities

Performance of educational outcomes

Organize activities for students to demonstrate their performance in every academic term, aiming to develop performance skills for all students.

Promote academic knowledge.

Conduct training programs and academic seminars to enhance contemporary knowledge in the field of fine arts for students.

Extracurricular activities

Organize extracurricular activities outside the classroom to promote desired personal attributes and instill values for happy and ethical coexistence in society.

Our graduates

Thank you to the faculty for giving us the opportunity to come back and play music once again. I can read the musical notes right here.

นที พลวิเศษ


I have become a great and highly capable teacher thanks to the Faculty of Fine Arts and the Thai Performing Arts instructors who have provided excellent guidance throughout, even after graduating.

สุภาวดี คำแก้ว

Government school teacher


One of the experiences that fulfilled my dreams was coming here to study music.

อภิชิต ศาสตรี

Business owner

I would like to express my gratitude to the Faculty of Fine Arts, Ramkhamhaeng University, as well as to all the instructors who have imparted knowledge and experiences. It's because of you that we can continue to thrive and succeed in our careers. Without Ramkhamhaeng, there would be no us.

วิทยา เภสัชชา

Government school teacher

From the learning experience in the classroom to the working experience in the entertainment industry, I have been able to apply various knowledge gained in the classroom, such as the understanding of costume history and development, and knowledge about performance management, to further develop my expertise in the workplace. Besides the different classroom knowledge, what is equally valuable is the opportunities, support, and understanding given to many students who have to balance work and study. Even though I have graduated, the caring of the faculty members at the university is still warm and present.

ไชยพฤกษ์ เขตพงศ์

Costumer in film and television production

Alumni roll

View many more of our proud alumni here.

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