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The Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Ramkhamhaeng University

The Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts is a department under the supervision of Ramkhamhaeng University. It was established according to the resolution of the Ramkhamhaeng University Council on December 25, 2006, and has been offering a Bachelor of Fine and Applied Arts degree since the 2007 academic year.

The objective is to produce graduates with theoretical and practical knowledge, creativity, and the ability to apply their knowledge in their careers. These graduates will be capable of creating performing arts works effectively, possessing virtues, ethics, and positive attitudes, and respecting the professional code of conduct in the performing arts. This aims to meet the labor market demands in the performing arts and entertainment industries, while also preserving the nation’s arts to develop Thai people in the 21st century. Graduates are expected to have academic knowledge and professional skills, necessitating the practice of learning skills and innovation to prepare them for a complete and sustainable life.

Currently, there are two programs offered:

  1. Bachelor of Fine and Applied Arts in Popular Music (with concentrations in Music Performance and Song Writing)
  2. Bachelor of Fine and Applied Arts in Music and Performing Arts (with majors in Thai Music and Thai Dance)

Art is something through which we learn about differences. Embracing ‘diversity’ is a beautiful aspect of being human, and Ramkhamhaeng University is a place that welcomes diversity with equality.

Dr. Orn-anong Engchamni
Dean of the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts

The emblem of the Faculty

The concept behind the emblem

The overall symbol representing Ramkhamhaeng University, epitomized by King Ramkhamhaeng the Great and the inscription stone, incorporates elements that symbolize the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts as follows:
  1. อุณาโลม (Xuṇālom) in ivory Gold symbolizes the sacred and religious beliefs that are crucial components in the field of fine arts.
  2. The four straight lines in gold represent the four pillars in creating graduates, which are: 1) Knowledge and Creative Thinking 2) Skills and Capabilities 3) Ethics and Morality 4) Adaptability and Intellectual Flexibility

Abbreviation of the Faculty

Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts Ramkhamhaeng University (FARAM)

Faculty color

Ivory Gold

Color Code

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